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Autographed Photos, Posters and One Sheets Newly added store with tons of great autographed photos, posters, one sheets and more...

Behind the Set Photos The Photo section has been updated with exclusive pictures of my latest projects, "BORN," "The Basement," and more...

News Blog
The new site has a new blog. Keep up to date with films, sets, and press releases. here.

pirates The Video section has been revamped and a few features added to the video player. There is a loading bar to let you know how much of the video has been downloaded in your browser. more...

The Newsstand

L3 Check Vince out in the April 2014 issue of L3 Magazine! P. 163...

VENTS Check Vince out in VENTS Magazine 33rd issue! P. 32 You can also check this follow up online article from 18 August, 2013
read article...

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